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Wound Expertise for Your Skilled Nursing Facility

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Wounds can be debilitating for patients in skilled nursing or assisted living facilities, and effective wound care is a primary concern for facility operators.

Patients suffer wounds ranging from pressure injuries to extensive surgical infections. The diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of these wounds require considerable staff time and resources.

Even worse, wounds are painful and reduce the overall quality of life for the patients under your care.

At Quality Surgical Management, we partner with facilities to provide in-house wound care. Our providers work in your facility and bring advanced wound care treatments to the patient’s bedside, which practically eliminates the need to transport them to and from a dedicated wound center. We address the wound and its underlying cause, bringing patients lasting relief.

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Wound Care With Compassion

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Partners With Compassion

Whether you’re operating an independent assisted living facility with 100 beds or are overseeing a multistate, multi-facility organization with thousands of beds, QSM can offer you peace of mind, knowing that your patients’ wounds are being managed with compassion and expertise.

QSM’s providers offer treatment for common wounds, including:

  • Arterial wounds
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Moisture-associated wounds
  • Other skin disorders
  • Pressure injuries
  • Surgical wounds
  • Trauma wounds

Your Patients Deserve Exceptional Wound Care.

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Robust Support Beyond the Clinical

Your QSM partnership doesn’t only provide clinical care for patient wounds. Our dedicated staff provides support for every aspect of your facility’s wound care program, including:

  • Coding and billing
  • Logistics
  • IT support

These dedicated professionals streamline our clinical operations and assist you and your staff with the administrative tasks associated with wound management.

Leveraging the Power of Data With QSmartCare

One significant factor in our overall philosophy is a belief in the power of data. With QSmartCare, our in-house documentation and analytics software, we help you collect and leverage data to improve your patients’ wound care management.

QSmartCare helps QSM provide top-tier service by:

Reducing charting and coding errors through smart data-checking and human-readable error messages for miscodes.

Integrating wound care data into your existing EMR, reducing overhead and ensuring accurate billing for wound care services.

Providing deep data and analytics to help you assess your facility’s wound care management.

Maintaining compliance and reducing liability with ample documentation of every clinical observation and service provided.

Saving costs by helping our providers adhere to your facility’s formulary.

Securing patient data with end-to-end encryption that meets HIPAA standards.

QSmartCare: Constantly Improving

QSmartCare’s developmental core was initially developed in the 1980s by our founder, Dr. Steven Magilen. Today, he and a dedicated staff of IT professionals at QSM continually review the program, consider client feedback, and make improvements to the software.

Facilities partnering with QSM can leverage QSmartCare’s analytics to provide the actionable data you need to inform your decision-making. QSmartCare allows us to create custom reports that present the data you want in the manner you want it.

Have questions about QSmartCare? Our IT staff is available for easy-to-follow support and assistance whenever you need it.

QSmartCare can provide the documentation facility operators need in the event of an inquiry or regulatory intervention.

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