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Our Philosophy

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Our purpose at Quality Surgical Management is to
“…transform lives by enhancing our patients’ quality of life through advanced wound care.”

Advanced wound care means:

  • Getting to know each patient as an individual.
  • Earning the trust of the patient and their family with exceptional bedside manner.
  • Not only treating the wound but also identifying and addressing the underlying causes.
  • Ensuring that the patient’s comfort is maximized and disruptions to their routines are minimized.
  • Equipping facility staff with the necessary tools and knowledge to care for the patient.

When you partner with QSM, you get just that – a partner. Our providers operate as guests in your facility, accommodating your team’s schedule and processes. When we treat a patient, your staff remains fully involved. Your team receives top-tier training on how to care for each wound along with timely charting after every QSM visit.

It’s an honor to earn your trust, and we strive to adapt our services to your needs.

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The Wound Care Experts

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Improved Patient Outcomes Through Compassionate Care

At QSM, we believe in comprehensive, quality care. We identify clinical concerns early, treat wounds with advanced techniques, and get your patients on the road to recovery. From consultation forward, wound patients can expect effective treatment at the bedside, delivered with compassion.

Quality and Consistency Through Training

We believe successful treatment requires empowering facility staff to provide consistent care, even when our providers aren’t on site. We educate your staff on the latest wound care practices and provide detailed guidance on each and every patient’s wound care plan. When you partner with us, your team will develop tools and techniques that improve patient outcomes.

Data-Driven Healing Focused on the Individual

Since the beginning, we’ve believed in the power of data. Our providers strive to chart all notes within 24 hours, ensuring your team and other care partners have current information on every patient’s status. With our in-house, continually improving QSmartCare software, we provide you with real-time, actionable data about your facility’s wound management.

Support For the Entire Facility

Wound management is not solely a clinical endeavor. Our QSM partner facilities enjoy assistance from our entire team, including billing and coding, logistics, and IT support to streamline every aspect of the wound care management program.

Expanding Patient Care by Sharing Experience

As healthcare professionals, we believe that our responsibility is to share our expertise and help others become more effective caregivers. QSM offers online courses to earn accredited wound care contact hours. Our QSM Wound Care Certification ensures that each attendee receives valuable education and training to help them become a vital resource in the healthcare field.

Recognizing and Celebrating Success

We believe in celebrating success. QSM Center of Excellence is a special designation for facilities that maintain high levels of institutional success with wound care management. Facilities that earn the QSM Center of Excellence designation have proven their commitment to wound management by meeting strict staffing and training requirements and maintaining established wound management standards.

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