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QSM Wound Certification

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You chose to enter healthcare because you care about people and are passionate about reducing their pain. As a QSM Certified wound care nurse, you’ll have even more tools at your disposal to help you improve the quality of life for your patients.

At Quality Surgical Management, we have amassed a wealth of information on the treatment of wounds. We take tremendous pride in sharing our knowledge with other healthcare heroes who want to become more proficient in wound management.

As the American population ages and more people enter skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, the demand for certified wound care nurses is rapidly increasing. By becoming a QSM Certified wound care nurse, you can earn accredited wound care contact hours and a valued certification.

Your certification will make you a vital resource to your current and future employers and colleagues.

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Comprehensive Wound Management Education

QSM’s certification program consists of online training covering:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Physiology of wound healing and wound closure
  • Microbiology of infected wounds
  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Wound assessment and documentation
  • Wound dressing treatments
  • Why wounds won’t heal – non-healing wounds

Upon completing your training, you will join a growing family of QSM Certified wound care nurses. Your “Gold Dot” certification pin is more than just a recognition of completion; it’s a badge that tells colleagues, employers, and patients that you’re dedicated to providing cutting-edge wound care. It shows you are an expert in managing wounds and relieving pain.

Online Certification For Individuals & Facilities

QSM’s certification program is fully online, and enrollees complete program modules at their own pace.

Nurses and administrators may enroll in the program whether or not they work in a QSM partner facility.

If you’re a facility operator and wish to have your nursing staff complete the certification process, contact us for details on how to get started.


Become a QSM-Certified Wound Care Nurse – Contact Us to Get Started.

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QSM Centers of Excellence

QSM Center of Excellence is a special designation for facilities that maintain high levels of institutional success and effective wound care management. The banner displayed in every QSM Center of Excellence demonstrates to patients, families, and your staff that your team is dedicated to providing exceptional care for patient wounds.

Center of Excellence Requirements

  • Dedicated QSM-Certified Wound Care Nurses on-site seven days per week
  • Proper utilization of QSM wound care management program in the facility
  • Less than a 1% wound-related re-hospitalization rate
  • Regular internal team meetings with a focus on quality and process improvement (QAPI)

Contact us to learn more about QSM Centers of Excellence.

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