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Improving Patient Outcomes Through Advanced Wound Care Solutions

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QSM wound care experts have been treating and healing wounds inside skilled nursing and other residential care facilities for more than twenty years.

In that time, patients across the Southeast have benefited from the exceptional care that comes from the partnership between our compassionate wound care experts and the dedicated facility staff who know these patients so well.

We’re not just healthcare providers. We’re healthcare partners.

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Pioneering Wound Care

We pioneered the practice of bringing dedicated wound specialists into care facilities, and nobody does it better than QSM. When a patient presents with a wound, our team will assess, diagnose, and develop a specialized treatment plan. You can expect our team to do the following:

  • We provide treatment at bedside, performing everything from assessment to debridement in the comfortable and familiar environment of the patient’s room.
  • We ensure that your staff is involved in every step of the wound care process and is fully trained and briefed on the standard of care for each patient.
  • We focus on addressing the wound and its underlying causes, relieving pain, and healing the whole person, not just the wound.

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Give Your Patients the Best Outcomes Possible With QSM Wound Care Solutions.

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A Healing Partnership

Without the valuable work being done daily by your dedicated staff, we couldn’t do what we do best. Our partnership with your healthcare facility doesn’t just relieve your patients’ pain; it’s a relief for you, as well. In addition to our clinical services, we also provide our facility partners with:

Staff Education

Your staff is fully briefed on each patient’s wound care plan and trained in the required practices and techniques. Between our visits, you can be confident that your team can provide consistent, effective wound care.


Our providers chart all notes to satisfy the needs of the facility and state regulators within 24 hours. When you partner with QSM, your staff will never need to wonder if a patient’s chart is up-to-date – it will be.

Seamless Integration

You have a facility to run; our job is to help with that, not hinder it. Our team works unobtrusively in your facility. Our visits are scheduled and services are performed in the way that works best for you and your team.

Reduced Costs

Your QSM partnership will save your facility money on three fronts. Bedside wound care practically eliminates transportation costs, faster healing times lead to lower costs for you and insurers, and our adherence to your formulary reduces your expenses.

Multifaceted Support

Your on-site provider is one of many QSM team members who help you manage your facility’s wound care. Our support staff will work with you to help streamline the billing, coding, logistics, and IT associated with your wound management program.

Compliance Support

In the event of a regulatory inquiry, QSM will have your back with the documentation required to demonstrate compliance, as well as plan of correction.

The result?

Lower overhead, reduced staff workload, less stress for you, and – best of all – measurably better patient outcomes.

Facility Partnerships

Premier Wound Care Education

Our impact extends to building the future of wound care through continuing education. Our QSM Wound Care Certification program allows nurses to earn accredited wound care contact hours.

When you complete a QSM Wound Care Certification, you’ll gain new knowledge and be better equipped to help patients recover from their wounds. You’ll also become a valuable resource for your colleagues and a more valuable hire as you advance in your career at your facility.

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