Your center has established itself as offering superior quality and outcomes-focused wound programs. Now you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills by becoming a QSM Center of Excellence.
To achieve this special designation, the center must possess the following:
  • A dedicated QSM Wound Certified Nurse(s) 7 days/week
  • A weekly QSM provider managing ALL wounds in the building
  • Less than a 1% wound-related re-hospitalization rate
  • Regular internal team meetings with a focus on quality and process improvement (QAPI)
Once these criteria are met, contact your Territory Representative and QSM will honor your facility for this impressive achievement. We’ll deliver a banner to hang in front of the building, a certificate to hang on the wall, and provide pins for staff who are QSM Wound Certified. We’ll make it public with a blog post about the building’s achievements on QSM social media sites.