“QSM is a valuable partner and they improve my bottom line”
QSM treats and heals wounds by using sound surgical judgment, timely debridement, and the use of appropriate dressings. The result?
Your facility saves thousands of dollars because patients are treated at the bedside and not transported out of the facility to an outside wound care clinic. Treating patients at the bedside eliminates transportation costs, the cost for staff to accompany the patient, and keeps our communication with your treatment staff close.
In addition, our providers work closely with each facility to provide the best quality care while using the products on the facility’s formulary. In a typical facility, we estimate annual savings of thousands, because our costs are billed to third-party payers, so you do not receive a bill for our expert services.
We also thoroughly understand the challenges you face with MDS 3.0 regarding wound care, and help ensure accurate staging of wounds upon admission, re-admission from hospitalization, or in house acquired wounds. Our compliance with state regulations, our holistic approach and our detailed patient documentation also minimizes tags on F686.
As soon as a new wound care patient is identified, all your facility needs to do is send a copy of the patient’s face sheet to the QSM office. This will ensure that the patient is on the provider’s schedule and the provider has allotted appropriate time in the schedule for all patients. Our providers will visit your facilities weekly to provide quality bedside wound care. Reporting for quality improvement and utilization review is included for all facilities, insurance companies, and PCP offices. All-payer sources accepted.
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